Lanercost Priory
The conservation plan for the Priory points at that the priory "has also enjoyed an exceptional continuity of patronage through at least four families, the de Vauxes, de Miltons, Dacres and Howards, throughout its history".

Remarkably our patron, the Hon Philip Howard, is a direct descendant of Robert de Vaux, who founded the Priory 840 years ago.

de Vaux
Robert de Vaux founded the Priory in memory of his father Hubert de Vaux who had been installed as the overlord at Gilsland by Henry II. Most of the estate of the priory (which at one time was extensive) was donated by members of the de Vaux family and their successors to the lordship of Gillesland. Robert de Vaux was succeeded by his son Robert who in turn was succeeded by yet another Hubert de Vaux who dies around 1240, the last de Vaux at Lanercost. More
de Multon
The barony of Gillesland and the patronage of Lanercost passed to Thomas de Multon who marries Maud de Vaux, the daughter of Hubert and his wife Margaret de Burgh. Thomas de Multon is also descended from Ada d'Engaine, the wife of Robert de Vaux, via her marriage into the de Morville family.

Thomas de Multon is followed by three more Thomas de Multons. The final de Multon, Sir Thomas de Multon marries Nicole de Mauley and they have a daughter Margaret de Multon. More

The Dacres
In about 1315 Randolf de Dacre marries Margaret of Multon (having first abducted her) and the Dacre name became associated with the priory. Again a good marriage brings together substantial estates.

172 years later Thomas Dacre, 2nd Baron Gillesland marries Elizabeth Greystoke, adding more property and the title 1st Baron Greystoke.

In addition to his legitimate offspring, Thomas, the 2nd Baron, also has an illegitimate son, Capt. Thomas Dacre, from whom the Lanercost Dacres are descended. Whilst the main branch will continue to live at Naworth Castle, the Lanercost Dacres will, after the dissolution, take up residence in the west range of the monastic buildings in what we now know as the Dacre Hall, creating a dwelling of some style.

Thomas's grandson Thomas Dacre, 4th Baron Gillesland and 3rd Baron Greystoke marries twice, firstly to Elizabeth Neville, the second time to Elizabeth Leyburne. When he dies he leaves a son, George, and three daughters, Anne, Mary and Elizabeth. More

The Howards
On the death of Thomas Dacre, George becomes the ward of Thomas Howard, 4th Duke of Norfolk who not only takes, as his third wife, Elizabeth Leyburne but proceeds to marry three of his sons to the three daughters.

Anne marries Philip Howard, 1st Earl of Arundel, Mary marries Thomas Howard, 1st Earl of Suffolk and Elizabeth marries Lord William Howard, popularly known as Belted Will.

In 1661 William and Elizabeth's great grandson, Charles Howard, is created 1st Earl of Carlisle. His grandson, Charles Howard, 3rd Earl of Carlisle commissions the building of Castle Howard on the family's North Yorkshire estates.

In the 19th and early 20th century George Howard, 9th Earl of Carlisle and his wife Countess Rosalind had a notable influence on the Priory as we see it today, their friendship with the Pre-Raphelites gave rise to three of the stained glass windows.

Philip Howard, who together with the Bishop of Carlisle and the Archdeacon of Carlisle is our patron, is the son of the 12th Earl of Carlisle and brother of the 13th Earl and continues to live in Naworth Castle. More