Lanercost Priory
Books and publications
[1] The Lanercost Cartulary contains copies of the founding charter of the Priory and subsequent charters and legal documents for the period 1169 to 1364. Drawings or cartoons were added to the margings at a slightly later date. The cartulary is kept in the County Record Office in Carlisle.
[2] The Lanercost Cartulary, edited by John M Todd and published by the Surtees Society and the Cumberland & Westmorland Anitquarian & Archeological Society. Contains the Latin text of the documents and translations.
[3] The Lanercost ChronicleThe Chronicle of Lanercost was written during the period 1272-1346 and records events at Lanercost and elsewhere. A translation by Sir Herbert Maxwell was published in 1913. A copy may be accessed here.
[4] Lanercost Priory, Graham D. Keevill, published by English Heritage in association with the Lanercost Priory Community Partnership. The official guidebook to the Priory.
[5] Lanercost Priory, Cumbria, Henry Summerson and Stuart Harrison, published by the Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archeological Society. A more substantial description of the Priory and its history.
[6] Walks from Lanercost Priory, Dan Boyce, ... and Historical Vignettes, David Mawson, available in the Priory.